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Richard worked for BMW for 5 years before buying Mike Spence Ltd at Shinfield near Reading in 1981. The company at that time were main agents for Morgan and Lancia cars and this started a love affair for both marques that continues to this day. Lancia ceased to import cars in the early 90s and with it came a change in the company name to Richard Thorne Classic Cars. Richard now runs the business with his daughter Helen, who joined the company in 2001. 

Since moving to the current premises in 1996 an increase in the supply of new Morgans has seen RTCC expand considerably to become one of the top three UK dealers with a correspondingly large used car stock. We are also one of only 3 factory appointed Morgan Motorsport dealers.


Like Morgan, the Lancia Company was established very early in the twentieth century by Italian racing driver Vincenso Lancia. He quickly established a reputation for very high quality engineering and after World War 1, innovation. The Lancia Lambda of 1921 was the first proper monocoque (or chassis less) production car, but it also featured sliding pillar independent front suspension, four-wheel brakes and an advanced overhead camshaft V4 engine, a concept used some 70 years later by VW for the VR6! Vincenso himself died in 1936 having signed off the design for the brilliant 1350cc Aprilia saloon. His principles lived on and post war Lancia produced some outstanding cars such as the Aurelia B20, Fulvia and most recently the iconic Integrale range, all of which enjoyed outstanding competition success.

For more information about the history of Lancia and model guides, please visit www.lanciamotorclub.co.uk


The Morgan Motor Company is unique in building cars in England since 1909 and still being privately owned by the Morgan family; indeed only three Morgans have headed the company since then, HFS, Peter and Charles. Since the first four-wheeled car in 1936 the factory has only built sports cars. They have always been very strong but light in weight and have won numerous trophies over a wide range of disciplines from production car trials to Le Mans, from hill climbs to rallies. The traditional Morgan is still being built using the separate steel chassis, with an ash body frame paneled in aluminum, but using excellent modern drive trains from Ford. This combines the pleasure of driving a real classic with a modern day performance and new car reliability.

The launch of the Morgan Aero 8 in 2001 was the first all new model since 1936. It was also an all aluminum super car incorporating the very best of British race car chassis technology in a stunning road car. Powered by a BMW 4.4 V8 the Aeros bonded aluminum chassis followed the Morgan tradition of great strength yet lightweight. The Aero model line has continued to develop, and the current Aero 8 is a worthy sucessor to the original. Equally exciting the introduction of the new 3 wheeler has brought Morgans early heritage into the 21st Century!

For a more detailed insight into the history of Morgan cars please visit www.morgan-motor.co.uk.


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