Richard Thorne Classic Cars

We have several race cars ready to go for the new 2024 season in stock, including Roadster Lightweight, Clubsport and +4 Supersport - perfect for novices and fully road registered. Also some excellent +8's! All for use in the Morgan Challenge Championship - a fantastically friendly series - we offer race support for every round. Details can be found on our cars for sale section of this site.

We also have several +4 TRs available for all sorts of lovely events like Le Mans Classic and Goodwood.

Do call Richard if you're interested in starting racing, we offer help and advice for novices, from choosing your car, prep, tuition and track days, what kit you need, and more!

We are also expert in sourcing, building and racing historic race cars and currently have clients racing in 5 1959 +4 TR Morgans built by us, a 1964 Pre Crossflow 4/4 Competition, a 1963 TVR Grantura, and 1950's XK120 among others!


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If you fancy looking at some pictures of gorgeous Morgans, Lancias and other interesting and rare classic cars, and seeing what we get up to both in the dealership here and out and about at race meetings and car shows, come and join us on our Facebook page @rtcc1 and our new Instagram page @richard_thorne_classic_cars